Will Hull Score Again This Season?

Last updated : 05 May 2009 By Boro Mad
Hull were beaten 1-0 by Villa and have three games in which to save themselves ... and good news for Boro ... I cannot see where their next goal will come from!

Phil Brown: "The bottom three got nothing from their games and this was an opportunity to put some daylight between ourselves and those clubs.

"We frustrated Villa and the longer the game stayed at 1-0, the more chance we had of getting something from it. This is an opportunity missed.

"From the last three games of the season, we have got to score some goals and get a win. I can't ask any more from my players in terms of spirit and commitment.

"I can demand more quality but pressure cooker situations like tonight can effect players.

"We stuck at our game plan but lacked the bit of quality you need at times until the final 15 minutes."


Saturday 09th May 2009
Blackburn v Portsmouth 15.00
Bolton v Sunderland 15.00
Everton v Tottenham 15.00
Fulham v Aston Villa 15.00
Hull City v Stoke City 15.00
West Brom v Wigan Athletic 15.00
West Ham v Liverpool 17.30

Sunday 10th May 2009
Arsenal v Chelsea 16.00
Man Utd v Man City 13.30

Monday 11th May 2009
Newcastle v Middlesbrough 20.00

Wednesday 13th May 2009
Wigan Athletic v Man Utd 20.00

Saturday 16th May 2009
Bolton v Hull City 15.00
Everton v West Ham 15.00
Man Utd v Arsenal 12.45
Middlesbrough v Aston Villa 15.00
Newcastle v Fulham 15.00
Stoke City v Wigan Athletic 15.00
Tottenham v Man City 15.00

Sunday 17th May 2009
Chelsea v Blackburn 16.00
West Brom v Liverpool 13.30

Monday 18th May 2009
Portsmouth v Sunderland 20.00
Sunday 24th May 2009
Arsenal v Stoke City 16.00
Aston Villa v Newcastle 16.00
Blackburn v West Brom 16.00
Fulham v Everton 16.00
Hull City v Man Utd 16.00
Liverpool v Tottenham 16.00
Man City v Bolton 16.00
Sunderland v Chelsea 16.00
West Ham v Middlesbrough 16.00
Wigan Athletic v Portsmouth 16.00