Travel to Europe with the Co-op

Last updated : 25 August 2005 By Reggie Holdsworth

Ahead of tomorrows draw for the UEFA Cup first round Boro have announced changes to their policy for fans planning to travel to this season’s European away ties.

Tomorrows draw takes place in Monaco at 12 midday, when Boro will discover their European opposition for the first leg on Thursday 15th September and the second leg on Thursday 29th September.

The football club will not be dealing with official travel arrangements for supporters this season. Boro fans must now book through MFC Travel in conjunction with Travel Care Sports.

Travel Care Sports are experienced in making travel arrangements for fans following their club into Europe, having been official travel agent for England and Manchester United for some years.

Fans interested in travelling to the away leg can register their interest now by leaving their name, address, passport number and season ticket patron number with MFC Travel in Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough, by calling the Travel Care Sports hotline on 0870 112 0123 or by visiting their website at (click onto “Middlesbrough”).

hilst no guarantees can be made, ticket applications from the club’s longest serving Season Ticket holders will be given priority if necessary.

Details of the official fans’ trip, including price, will be available from Travel Care Sports as soon as possible after the draw is made. All bookings made via Travel Care Sports will include a match ticket.

MFC understands that some fans will want to make their own travel arrangements to the away leg. Subject to availability, tickets will be available to those supporters via the Riverside Stadium’s main ticket office. Again, details will be announced as soon after the draw as possible.

Like last season Boro are advising fans not to book travel before they get a ticket.

Graham Fordy, Boro’s Head of Commercial, said: “As with last season, we strongly advise supporters wanting to attend the away leg not to book their travel arrangements before they have ensured that they have actually been successful in their ticket application.

“They risk committing themselves to non-refundable travel expenses only to find they have not been able to purchase a ticket for the game.

“If necessary, we plan to give our longest serving Red Book holders priority on tickets for the away leg, using the patron number prefixing season ticket numbers as a guide.

Fordy added: “With regards to the home leg, all of our season ticket holders will be guaranteed their seats, though again full details will be issued following Friday’s draw.”

Come on Boro!