Southgate Set To 'Fight Them On The Beaches'!

Last updated : 22 January 2009 By Boro Mad
Southgate: "We can't hide from the run of results we've had. Everyone will be questioning what we do but we have to battle through that and there is no hiding place for any of us.

"We can't get a lot worse than the feeling when you come to the bottom team and lose 3-0.

"We can't keep standing here and saying 'we are a good side.' We've got to show it. We are where we are for a reason and we've got to work our way out of it.

"Hard work has to get us out of it, what we do on the training ground has to get us out of it, but staying together is the most important thing.

"Within that dressing room, they've got to be very tight and make sure everyone takes responsibility and they graft their way through this.

"We need strong leadership at this time - and it is not a case of anyone ducking a challenge. Any sign of weakness from any of us, and people will pick holes in that.

"We roll our sleeves up, go back to work on Monday and we put things right. That has always been my mentality on things. Other people might have different views of what should be done but we are strong enough to deal with that.

"It is a time when everyone has got to stand up and be counted. Everyone has to look at themselves first and ask are they doing enough and then as a collective group.

"The key is getting the best out of the squad we've got. This squad was half way up the table seven or eight weeks ago. There is a loss of confidence through results.''