Southgate Says 'There Is An Inevitability I Will Be Sacked'!

Last updated : 21 March 2009 By Boro Mad
Southgate: "We were sat in the training ground with the chief executive [Keith Lamb] and suddenly all bets were off.

"They [Sky] rang and asked what time we'd be leaving and we said - you've got a long wait, we've got video tapes to watch.

"We understand Sky have a job to do. We're not bitter about it. With the internet, with phone-ins, with texts, things fly around very easily. We're fortunate because it was only about us getting the sack. It could have been something far more serious.

"Don't think it couldn't happen to you, but don't fear it.

"There's almost an inevitability that this will happen to you at some point, and if this is your chosen profession, don't complain about the sleepless nights. That is it. Get on with it. We choose to do it and we wouldn't do anything else.

"There have been long periods when it hasn't been enjoyable, and in the last seven or eight weeks I've been more ­philosophical about leading people through this very difficult time. I've learned a lot about myself, learned a lot about how people react to pressure, learned a lot about how the game is.

"The enjoyable part is working with good people. If I didn't have a group of staff who were totally supportive I might question whether it was all worth it.

"When everybody's gone to sleep at home you're up scribbling things down, thinking things through, but I think that's the case for lots of people in lots of jobs. Ours is just a bit more high-profile and the results are just a bit more public."