Southgate Hits Out At 'Tapping Up' Of His Players!

Last updated : 23 December 2008 By Boro Mad
Will Downing go?

Personally I think he will ... to the right club ... but not Spurs.

He wants European football, and I don't think Redknapp has the clout to get him. There is nothing Redknapp can offer that Boro cannot ... but an offer from one of the Top Four could twist Southgate's arm.

Southgate: "We are not here just for other clubs to walk over.

"If people think they can just take our players out then they are wrong. We are not here to help other clubs. No-one is going to try to help us.

"People seem to think they can unsettle our players or just waltz in and take them on a whim, well they are going to find out that's not the case.

"We want as much stability as we can and if people do have an interest in our players, they need to get on with it.

"They need to make their ideas known to us so we can either say 'Thank you very much, there you go', or 'No, nothing is going to happen' and they can move on with their lives."