Sorry Kitson - But You're Wrong!

Last updated : 01 December 2009 By Boro Mad


The top two are storming ahead, and the time to catch them is ebbing away.

Do we set our sights on the play-offs; or just plod along (as we are) picking up the odd point here and there?

The season is passing us by ... and the sooner we start threatening those above us ... the sooner we get back the belief we had at the start of the campaign.

Dave Kitson: “It isn’t a concern what the other teams are doing, just what we are doing.

“I haven’t been on a winning side here yet but I believe we have still played well and that the results will come.

“I am loathe to say it is just one of those things but we could have won either of the last two games three or four nil and I am hoping someone is on the end of a good hiding soon.

“Personally I am here until December 28 and my only target is to score as many goals as possible between now and then.

“I got two against Peterborough so that is a decent ratio. Long may it continue.

“And it is not a case of me being satisfied at doing ‘my bit’ because ‘my bit’ includes getting back and helping to defend, helping at corners and throw-ins, so I have failed to keep a clean sheet along with the rest of the team.

“You all take joint responsibility, it doesn’t matter where on the pitch you play. It is disappointing for everyone.”