Sing Your Hearts Out For The Boro!

Last updated : 11 March 2009 By Boro Mad

Gareth Southgate: "The fans have been brilliant all season and we need them to be even more vocal now, if that's possible. If we can repeat the noise levels that we got against Liverpool, then that would be fantastic.

"They cheered every tackle that day. When we were driving forward they responded, and when we began to tire towards the end they kept us going.

"That's the kind of atmosphere players love to hear and they react to it.

"We are well aware that the players have to give the fans something to shout about, but I'm sure we will lack nothing in passion on Saturday. If we could fill the ground for the Portsmouth game, then the fans could drive us on in what is an important game for us. The bigger the crowd, the better - and the more noise the better.

"Our remaining home games are important, but every game is important and we will deal with them as we always do, one game at a time and try to win every one.

"People look at games against teams in the bottom half and say those are the ones we have to win, but historically they are the hard ones.

"It's not guaranteed that we will win against teams in similar situations to ourselves. Sometimes we win the ones that people regard as the improbable ones.

"The problem you have is that teams at the bottom are fighting for their lives as well.

"That's why we have to focus all our attention on each game, no matter who we are playing, prepare thoroughly, and do everything we can to win it."