Pogatetz: Survival Rests On My Shoulders!

Last updated : 26 February 2009 By Boro Mad
Emanuel Pogatetz (talking to the Evening Gazette): "It's definitely one of my biggest challenges. I've never been on a run like we are at the moment and, as the captain as well, I have a lot of responsibility resting on my shoulders.

"But I don't give up because it is the last thing I will do and the last thing the team will do.

"It's just the one win we need and we have to work hard for it and keep believing it will come. When it does, confidence will go up and we can get a few more."

Saturday 28th February 2009

Arsenal v Fulham 15.00

Chelsea v Wigan Athletic 15.00

Everton v West Brom 12.45

Middlesbrough v Liverpool 15.00

Sunday 01st March 2009

Aston Villa v Stoke City 15.00

Bolton v Newcastle 13.00

Hull City v Blackburn 12.30

West Ham v Man City 12.30

Tuesday 03rd March 2009

Liverpool v Sunderland 20.00

Portsmouth v Chelsea 19.45

West Brom v Arsenal 19.45

Wednesday 04th March 2009

Blackburn v Everton 20.00

Fulham v Hull City 20.00

Man City v Aston Villa 19.45

Newcastle v Man Utd 19.45

Stoke City v Bolton 19.45

Tottenham v Middlesbrough 20.00

Wigan Athletic v West Ham 19.45