No Christmas On Teeside ... That's For May!

Last updated : 26 December 2008 By Boro Mad
But let's be fair, the Middlesbrough boss was not alone, only four Premiership clubs missed training and stayed at home. 

Gareth Southgate: "It's the same, really, as any other time of year. We are one game less this year with no New Year's Day game, but it's like any other three-fixture week.

"Recovery is important. Christmas in terms of enjoyment of food and drink is out of the window, as far as I am concerned.

"We are working. Our Christmas is June and July in terms of the holiday part of it.

"Obviously, we respect everybody's religion and family time, we understand all those things.

"But for us as a group of staff and players, Boxing Day and our Christmas will be determined by how we train and how we play and getting results."