Gibson Warns Of Dropping Attendances!

Last updated : 18 December 2009 By Boro Mad

Steve Gibson: “I don’t think I can measure the effect but it is going to be devastating.

“I think the problems the football club will have will be mirrored everywhere in the community.

"Selfishly, we do not take a great deal from the gate and we were the cheapest club in the Premier League, probably one of the cheapest in the Football League. Net receipts from gates this year were less than £3m.

“Of course we would expect attendances to plummet.

"When you have got to put food on the table and look after little Johnny’s Christmas present, football becomes secondary and rightly so.

“We don’t know how many steelworkers have season tickets because we think our energies are best served looking elsewhere. But we suspect it could be 25 per cent.

“So, probably, that could be two three, four thousand lost on the gate. Then there is also the ripple effect of these job losses right throughout the town.”