Calling all Boro fans across the globe

Last updated : 19 January 2006 By Sarah Rudd
We at MFC1986 are searching for Boro fans from all over the World.

Maybe you once lived in the area and moved away but still keep up to date with all the results.

Or maybe you’ve been impressed by Boro’s performance in the UEFA Cup and have continued to follow their progress in all competitions.

Either way we want to hear from you.

Sent us your name as well as your country of residence and history with the club to and we’ll put it on the site.

Your Replies

Ron Serge
Oshawa Ontario, Canada

Hi, my name is Ronald Serge.I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada but am originally from Malta. I have been supporting Boro for about 55 years. At that time we had such good player like Mannion, Hardwick, Ugolini, Sphuler Whittaker, Blenkinsop etc. I still supported them when they were relegated twice to the then 3rd division and some 22 years in the second division. I watch most matches shown on Tv but have never been to England. 2 years ago I saw them lift the first major cup and hope I see them lift another one soon, Up the Boro.

Steve Davison (ex West Stand Upper Season Ticket Holder)

I was born and bred in the Boro and brought up watching Brian Clough as a boy. Oh for a centre forward like him in our team with 40+ goals a season. But I have been a Boro supporter all of my life and I was there to suffer through the torment of 3 Wembley Cup Finals in 1997/1998. I do connect to mfc1986 and, in fact, I won the bi-monthly league on Beat The Manager for Oct/Nov.

I moved to Tenerife in March 2001 having retired early from ICI/Huntsman but follow the Boro games whenever possible both on Sky and the Arabic channels which show 4 games each Saturday afternoon among others. On top of this there are many ways of keeping in touch with what's going on via newspapers on line and BBC Sport and Sky Sports websites.

Virpi Kytöaho
Helsinki, Finland

Hi there

Just read the article from your website. I'm a Finnish Boro-supporter, I found Boro to my life in 1996. My life was quite a mess then and it was easy to identify Boro, you know, the season 96/97 was so ...erm... interesting. Anyway, I promised to myself that whenever I get rid of my (financial) troubles and big loans I'll travel to Middlesbrough. I did it finally in February 2005.

I've been to Middlesbrough now twice, in February and in October and I try to come there about twice a season, depending a lot on financial situation. I just can't describe the feeling in February when I walked to the Riverside Stadium for the first time. Thousands of other Boro supporters around me! Bolo, Franck, Jimmy Floyd and all the other heroes on the pitch! Pigbag from loudspeakers! It was just amazing, I've never felt anything like that before.

But the best thing was absolutely to meet other Boro-supporters, because I don't know any other Boro-fans in Finland. I don't have a cable or pay-tv at home, the Premier League matches are only on Canal Plus. If I want to see a game I have to go to a sports bar and usually it's crowded with ManU, Liverpool or Arsenal supporters. On the other hand it's a marvellows feeling every time Boro wins a match against those big teams, for example the 4-1 massacre against ManU this season was my evening indeed.

Finland is not a football country and most of the people don't even know what "Boro" is, but I'll do my best to spead the word here. Middlesbrough Supporters Club Finland is an unofficial branch with only two "members" at the moment (me and my son) but I built a website for us a while ago, it can be found from

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

"If it ain't the snow it's the mosquitoes..."

Bob Pooley
Moscow, Russia

I have been working in Moscow for the last 18 months and have travelled home for most of the weekend home games; I am a season ticket holder in the Upper West Stand and think that I must have clocked up quite a few miles watching them over the period. I have had a season ticket since 1975.