Boro Star Cannot Wait For 2010!

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But his return to the first team saw him suffer an injury that was remarkably similar to the broken cheekbone he suffered in Basle three years ago.

Emanuel Pogatetz: "I felt ready to play and I thought it had gone pretty well for my first game back.

"When I was in hospital it was tough for me.

"I’d put so much hard work in to get back playing and now I wondered how serious this injury would be.

"This year hasn’t been a good year for me.

“I can’t wait for 2010!”

“A cross came in and there was a clash of heads (with Plymouth defender Shane Lowry) as I went to head the ball. It was just an accident so I don’t even want to know who did it.

“I can’t remember all of what happened after that. I was conscious but it was so painful. I was in shock. I was trying to deal with the pain and felt so bad because I’d just come back from injury."


MACCLESFIELD 0 BORO 3 (Arca pen, Emnes, Franks)
(1st half) Coyne, Hoyte, Huth, Williams, Grounds, Yeates, Walker, Digard, Cronesberry, Aliadiere, Martin. (2nd half) Coyne, McMahon, Bates, Hines, Johnson, Smallwood, O'Neil, Arca, Porritt, Emnes, Franks.

DUMBARTON 0 BORO 5 (O'Neil, Dunlop og, Aliadiere pen, Adam Johnson, Williams)
Jones (Coyne 46), Hoyte (McMahon 72), Bates (Wheater 72), Huth (Hines 72), Grounds (Taylor 72), O'Neil (J Johnson 72), Arca (Capt) (Williams 72), Digard (Walker 29), Yeates (A Johnson 65), Aliadiere (Franks 46), Emnes (Porritt 63).

CARLISLE 0 BORO 2 (Adam Johnson, Williams)
Jones (Coyne 60),McMahon,Taylor (Williams 72),Bates(Walker 24),Huth,Wheater (Hines 60),O'Neil,Arca(Hoyte 60) 60),Franks,Yeates (Porritt 72),A Johnson (Martin 84)

OLDHAM 2 BORO 2 (Williams, Huth)
Coyne; Williams, Wheater (Huth 64), Hines, A Taylor; Hoyte (McMahon 64), Walker (Yeates 54), Arca (Smallwood 79), A Johnson (Martin78); Aliadiere(J Johnson 78) Franks (Porritt 78) Substitutes (not used): Ripley

MILLWALL 1 BORO 1 (Williams)
Coyne (Jones 46), Hoyte (McMahon, 61), Huth, Wheater, Ground, Yeates, Arca (O'Neill 46), Digard (Williams, 61), Johnson, Aliadiere, Emnes (Franks, 81) Subs not used: Adan Smith, Seb Hines , Andrew Taylor, Josh Walker, Nathan Porritt Goals: Wheater OG 27mins, Williams 78m.

Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, Huth, Grounds, Yeates,Williams, Digard (O'Neil 42), Adam Johnson, Aliadiere,Emnes (Lita 65).
Subs Not Used: Steele, Hoyte, Taylor, Arca, Franks.

SWANSEA 0 BORO 3 (Adam Johnson, Emnes, Tuncay)
Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, Huth, Williams, Grounds, Yeates (Arca 85), O'Neil, Adam Johnson, Lita (Franks 79), Emnes (Sanli 67).
Subs Not Used: Steele, Hoyte, Taylor, Hines.

SCUNTHORPE 0 BORO 2 (Adam Johnson 2, 1 pen)
Coyne, McMahon, Williams, Huth, Grounds, Yeates (Arca 84), O'Neil, Wheater, Adam Johnson (Hoyte 90), Lita (Sanli 74), Emnes.
Subs Not Used: Taylor, Hines, Franks, Steele.

BORO 2 DONCASTER 0 (Tuncay, Lita)
Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, Huth, Grounds,Yeates (Aliadiere 72), Williams, Arca, Adam Johnson, Lita (Taylor 84), Emnes (Sanli 16).
Subs Not Used: Steele, Hoyte, Hines, Bennett.

NOTTINGHAM FOR 2 BORO 1 (Adam Johnson) Carling Cup AET
Coyne, Hoyte, Wheater, Huth, Taylor, Yeates,Williams, Arca (Bennett 106), Adam Johnson, Aliadiere (McMahon 83), Emnes (Lita 65).
Subs Not Used: Steele, Grounds, Hines, Franks.

BRISTOL CITY 2 BORO 1 (Adam Johnson pen)
Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, Grounds, Taylor, Adam Johnson, Arca, Williams, Yeates, Lita, Emnes (Aliadiere 71).
Subs Not Used: Steele, Hoyte, Walker, Hines, Bennett, Franks.

BORO 3 IPSWICH TOWN 1 (O'Neil, Aliadiere 2)
Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, Hines,Taylor (Grounds 41), O'Neil, Williams, Arca (Yeates 77), Adam Johnson, Emnes, Lita (Aliadiere 61).
Subs Not Used: Jones, Hoyte, Bennett, Franks.

SHEFF WED 1 BORO 3 (Purse og, Aliadiere, Adam Johnson)
Coyne, McMahon (St. Ledger 82), Grounds, Wheater, Hines, Williams, Adam Johnson, Arca, O'Neil (Hoyte 90), Aliadiere, Emnes (Lita 71).
Subs Not Used: Jones, Yeates, Bennett, Franks.

Coyne, McMahon, Wheater, St. Ledger, Grounds,Yeates, Williams, Arca (Digard 57), Adam Johnson,Emnes (Lita 67), Aliadiere (Folan 32).
Subs Not Used: Jones, Hoyte, Hines, Bennett.

COVENTRY 2 BORO 2 (St. Ledger, Williams)
Jones, Hoyte, Wheater, St. Ledger,Bennett (Grounds 64), O'Neil, Williams, Arca,Johnson (Yeates 74), Aliadiere, Emnes (Lita 53).
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Folan, Hines, McMahon.

Jones, McMahon, Wheater, St. Ledger,Bennett (Digard 86), O'Neil, Williams, Arca (Yeates 62),Johnson, Aliadiere, Emnes (Lita 62).
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Grounds, Hines, Franks.

READING 0 BORO 2 (St. Ledger, Lita)
Jones, McMahon, St. Ledger, Wheater, Bennett,Yeates (Arca 70), O'Neil, Williams, Johnson, Lita (Emnes 88),Aliadiere.
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Hoyte, Digard, Grounds, Hines.

Jones, McMahon, St. Ledger, Wheater, Bennett (Hoyte 55), Yeates (Arca 74), O'Neil, Digard, Johnson, Lita, Aliadiere.
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Pogatetz, Emnes, Grounds, Williams.

PRESTON 2 BORO 2 (O'Neil, Johnson)
Jones, Hoyte, Wheater, St. Ledger, Bennett,O'Neil, Williams, Digard, Johnson, Lita, Emnes (Franks 90).
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Pogatetz, Yeates, Arca, Grounds, McMahon

Jones, Hoyte, Wheater, St. Ledger, Pogatetz (Grounds 53), Arca (Yeates 87), O'Neil, Williams, Johnson, Lita, Emnes (Bent 46).
Subs Not Used: Coyne, Digard, Franks, McMahon.