Boro Players Not Fit To Wear The Shirt?

Last updated : 23 March 2009 By Boro Mad
For months it has been the same old bullshit ... about what could, might and will be happening in our fight against relegation.

But all we get is the same old half-hearted, clueless performances ... with Southgate's excuses that follow.

Southgate claims he didn't expect the high-volume vitriol that hit him from his own fans at Stoke ... but I don't believe a word of it. He KNEW it was coming, the only question mark was ... when and where!

After weeks of simmering anger ... that moment came in the Potteries.

For the first time there were direct calls for the head of Gareth Southgate and the players took the flak too.

As the team trudged off, they had to troop disconsolately past an angry mob of travelling Teessiders who taunted and jeered "You're not fit to wear the shirt".

Another group gathered outside the ground to barrack the team coach with several taking off their shirts to wave angrily.

Southgate may have preached to the converted during times of trouble, but that 'converted' are having second thoughts.

Southgate has refused to call any game 'must win' ... even the one at Stoke.

And if he doesn't understand the way the points system works in the Premiership, let me remind him ... Stoke WAS a must-win game!

Boro can still escape - but the Stoke result has stacked the odds against us.