Boro Need 'More Than A Parachute'!

Last updated : 05 June 2009 By Boro Mad
Keith Lamb: "There will be people leaving, that is inevitable, but they will only be leaving if it is in the best interests of Middlesbrough Football Club.

"But I feel the squad needs refreshing. I think everybody accepts you need a squad to get you out of the Championship and another team to keep you in the Premier League. The gap is that wide.

"It is too early to say who will be leaving and who will be staying.

"It is that time of the season when if I look in a newspaper everyone is for sale, everyone is being tapped up.

"The only time we will comment on individuals is when we have a deal to announce and someone leaves.

"Falling out of the Premier League - they talk about parachute payments but you need more than a parachute.

"It is, financially, bad news. It does mean we could be losing up to £30million of income.

"That leaves a big hole in any club's budget and planning for the future.
"Having said that we can recover from it and if there is anything to be said for getting relegated it is that, financially, we will be able to handle it.

"We can't avoid the fact it has been a poor season all round - on and off the field it hasn't been particularly good.

"But we are where we are. We are not where we wanted to be but the club is not in the dire straits that has been painted by a lot of the media in recent weeks."