Boro Fans Should Show More Respect To Chelsea Fat Boy!

Last updated : 29 January 2009 By Boro Mad

Sadly Wilkins has, allegedly, a glandular problem that is sparked off by eating pork pies and kebabs for breakfast.

Ray Wilkins: "I have been to a lot of stadiums this year.

"We have a world class midfield player in Frank Lampard who represents us week in, week out at probably eight-and-a-half, nine out of ten, and whichever ground he plays at, he gets called 'you fat whatever', now is that respect?

"No it's not, and that's every ground.

"He plays for England, these are English supporters giving Frank stick. We have a social problem, let's get that right. I am all for Respect."

Lampard ... known as "Lard Arse" by his Chelsea team-mates ... is currently trying to shed a few pounds, and the taunts from the opposing supporters is doing his confidence no good.

As a gesture of good-will, we at Boro-Mad have sent Lampard Mido's diet plan, that saw the Egypian lose an amazing 7st in pre-season.